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The Benefits, Types, and Implementations of Traditional Healers

One thing about traditional healing is that it is not a comparable healing system and it varies from region to region and culture to culture. The term traditional healers also do not refer to a homogeneous group but instead, it is a broad concept that entails various kinds of healers with different expertise and training.

The various kinds of traditional healers include, Sanusi(‘Sedupe’), traditional birth attendants(‘Babelegisi’), traditional healers, and diviners(‘Ngaka ya ditaola’). The bones and spirits of the predecessors are used by diviners to determine and impose medications for different ailments. Sanusi can advise on how to handle an undesirable event since they have the power to predict the future and a Sanusi can be both diviner and herbalist.

Traditional surgeons are those why are accredited, trusted, qualified, and recognized by the village elders t handle practices such as circumcision on boys and their work can also entail the services of other traditional healers such as Sanusi. The older women who have mastered the expertise of midwifery over the times through witnessing and experiencing and helping in sever births all over their adult lives are traditional birth attendants. The reason why any older woman can become a birth attendant is that the mastery is relayed from one linage to the other.

Traditional healers are important and their essence in people’s lives cannot be overlooked because of their skills. Traditional African healers play vital roles as educators about traditional cosmology and culture and they can also help in tasks such as being social workers, skilled psychotherapists, and counselors.

In nations such as South Africa, traditional healers have survived and their role cannot be overlooked especially in the thriving trade. The reason why collaboration between western medicine and traditional healers is being encouraged is because of the significant impact it can bring on the health field.

Traditional leaders can help when it comes to monitoring disease outbreaks since they reside within the surroundings and are likely to be the first ones aware if a new one surfaces. traditional healers should be taught what, when, why, and how to communicate uncommon signs to heath professionals.

The reason why adding traditional healers to the modern healthcare system is a good thing is that it can grow access of the healthcare services accessed by many of those who prefer traditional healing system. The WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION in 2003 called for the acceptance of traditional healers as important healthcare services that can have essential significance in our current and future welfare.

In the step to decolonize worldwide health, there should be an understanding and acknowledgment of the impacts traditional medicine has brought in the health segment. Most community members always show traditional healers of their community immense love, but it is the aid enterprises and vast scientific surroundings that always overlook their work.

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